A Portrait of The Life is a multimedia art project conceived by visual artist and photographer Ricky Day that will convey the essence, energy and beauty of the African-American LGBT community. The project consists of three distinct, but interconnected components: a fine art portrait series, a documentary film and an interactive community outreach program.

The mission of the A Portrait of The Life project is to develop and share a thoughtfully crafted and colorfully entertaining narrative that inspires African Americans to set aside hate and homophobia and come together as one. A Portrait of The Life encourages viewers and participants to look within themselves and their families and embrace the shared sacrifices, contributions and aspirations of a people. It is our hope that by enabling an open dialogue and inspiring participants to share their own personal narratives and images that we can begin the process of making our collective family whole again.

For any inquiries about the film email: izzyquick@aol.com



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