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What Do U Think About Florence + the Machine Live???


Here we are again with a compelling live performance by Florence + the Machine singing "Cosmic Love" on the David Letterman Show. First off, who conjures up that kind of arrangement? Secondly, please understand that most late night talk show hosts don't just give out compliments to the live music guests. David especially keeps it real. They've learned how to speak around their negative thoughts and still make the guest(s) feel at home. "What a machine?" is what David said to the band while clapping his hands in their direction. Look out for this band! They have a following now, but I think it's about to swell significantly.

Hurry and watch these before they get snatched down!

This video was shot very much from an audience perspective, however I think Florence killed it. Her voice transcends like few other singers out today. I love this song in particular as my previous post illustrates HERE. SUPPORT TRUE TALENT!!!

- uhkeem


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I think they are one visually and artistically interesting group! They caught my eye on one of those awards shows last year. I was impressed!

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